Most Important facts that Pakistani Nation should know about an anti-illuminati speaker

By Wren - February 9, 2023
Most Important facts that Pakistani Nation should know about an anti-illuminati speaker

Who is David Icke:

David Icke is a British writer, public speaker, and former professional footballer. He has written many books on topics like religion, the environment, Greater Reality, conspiracies, and their relationship to the unknown.

Icke’s work is considered by some to be controversial or outlandish in terms of his beliefs about topics like human power structures. He draws on subjects that are not often discussed in public forums.

David Icke is an author of many books who belongs to the genre of non-fiction. His most famous book is The Biggest Secret which covers topics like religion, politics, environmentalism, and conspiracy theories with an emphasis on the human power structure.

He is now a best-selling British author. He has written about 20 different topics in total. All these topics are related to spirituality. He is no doubtably one of the most controversial speakers in history.

He has written several books on Shapeshifters and the reptilian conspiracy. He has been promoting these ideas for over three decades. The themes of his books include:

* Aliens and UFOs

* Breakthroughs in science and healthcare

* Bigger than anything we've ever seen before

* Oneness, love and unity

Children of the Matrix:

This is not a movie based fictional novel it is real and it is not about robots either. This book is about the reptilian conspiracy theory and some of the topics covered in it are:

-The Illuminati and the New World Order


-The Reptilians among us

-The Bilderberg Group.

Children of the matrix


The book reptilian conspiracy is an encyclopedia on the world’s elite and the cover-ups that they have been involved in. The author David Icke starts off by mentioning that he has been researching the lives of some of the most influential people in history. He then goes into telling us that all of these people had one thing in common, they all had a strong connection with reptiles.

This book tries to prove that there is an ancient bloodline of human-reptilian hybrids who are responsible for the global control and manipulation of humanity.

He goes on to talk about how there are many different types of reptilian DNA found amongst these people. This DNA is believed to be passed down from their ancestors who were lizards, snakes or even birds at some point in time. Icke also talks about how he believes that this is done through interbreeding with other species. He then shares his opinion on why this would be done, mainly

Final Thought:

He is the author of over 20 books now. His works present a worldview in which reptilians from outer space control major events on earth. David Icke books are very interesting for people who are fans of supernatural series but it interests me more how things are working in our country Pakistan, Who these reptilians really are according to religion are they Demons of Christianity or Judaism, Are They Jinns of Quran or Rakshas according to Hindi legends. Because there are few witnesses in Pakistan too, about the Shapeshifters a.k.a Jinns, but as Muslims and Islamic nation most do not believe any other thing except what has been told in Quran or Hadith and the truth shall be revealed in time, in my opinion. We just have to wait for the right time as a religious person or even truth seekers, The appropriate time.