The Complete Guide to Action Figures & Collections and How They are Keeping Us Young

By Carlos - September 18, 2022
The Complete Guide to Action Figures & Collections and How They are Keeping Us Young

Introduction: What is an Action Figure? What's the History of Action Figures?

Action figures are a type of toy that has been popular with some fans in the United States since the late 1970s. They are typically modeled after specific characters from movies, television shows, video games, comic books, or anime and are often made to scale. Action figures are usually made for children, but there are many collectibles for adults, too.

The history of action figures is one that's been around as long as toy soldiers, going back to when they were called "Dolls of Action."

The term “action figure” was first coined in 1961 by Hasbro and refers to a type of toy which is meant to represent a character from popular culture.

The history of Anime action figures starts in the late 1970s when Japanese company Mego Corporation created large-sized dolls as part of its range of products. These dolls were modeled after American television and comic book characters like Batman and Superman. These dolls had limited articulation and their accessories were fixed to their hands or feet.

Anime is a huge industry in Japan these days, and has been for decades. The Japanese (and people all over the world) are nuts about this medium, and they are constantly coming up with new ideas, innovations and mediums that are only made possible by the technology available to them. From huge exhibition halls in Tokyo that are filled with nothing but the best and newest anime merchandise, to the fandom that has created entire languages for anime-only fans, anime has become a huge part of modern culture. The world simply cannot get enough of this particular art form.

It is not hard to say whether there will be more action figures coming out in the future but they will still likely be here for some time because they continue to be relevant in society

What are the Types of Action Figures?

There are various types of anime action figures that you can purchase. Action figures are a popular item to collect, and they often end up being some of the most valuable ones in a person's collection. Many children who watch anime cartoons want to collect these action figures that represent their favorite characters.

There are thousands if not millions of different types of action figures out there. The best way to get into a discussion about action figures is to ask: “From what anime are they?” Once you get into the anime, you will find that there are thousands of different action figures and each one is different. The figures are made in such variety due to the fact that there are so many different anime series and each has a different story line.

Figures are generally separated into many types of categories material-wise. There are figures made from PVC and then there are figures made from the more expensive hard vinyl, and there are expensive handmade figures that are carved and created by woodwork and then painted. The PVC figures tend to be of lower quality and break more easily, but they also tend to be cheaper. The more expensive hard vinyl figures have a better build quality and have fewer issues with paint details chipping off over time. The wood craft Figurines are really expensive and you can also find a lot of skillful craftsmen on YouTube who are working admirably on there wood-crafts.

So in other words action figures are a heavily marketed and popular collectible nowadays. There are different types of action figure, the most notable being Anime action figures in the market.

In some cases, anime action figures can be customized with other various accessories in order to differentiate them from other characters with the same body frame. These accessories can range anywhere between different weapons, different character outfits (either complete outfits or just a change of head), or even just changing the hair color while keeping the default outfit.

Types of anime action figures:

Traditional Action Figures: this type of toy is from the 1980s or 1970s and is usually less than 6 inches in height.

Anime has been around in Japan since the 1950s, and the US saw its first taste of the genre in 1968, when Astro Boy was shown on American television. The first real anime boom, however, didn't occur until the late 1970s, when Star Blazers, Battle of the Planets, and Voltron hit the airwaves. These shows were wildly popular with kids across the country, and toy companies were quick to capitalize on the success.

Fully-posable Action Figures: these toys typically have more points of articulation, with joints for the neck, shoulders, elbows, fingers, hips, and knees that allow for a wider range of motion. They also come with interchangeable parts that can be swapped around to change their appearance or weapon accessories like guns or swords. These toys are typically 8-10 inches in height

Giant Figure Toys: this type of toy is usually 12-20 inches in height

The following is a list of the original proto-types of anime action figures with some historic values too:

-Special Releases: These are special, limited-edition releases that are released periodically throughout the year. These releases typically have limited quantities, and they also may come with a few extra accessories or parts not found on other models

-Banpresto: These are very rare and expensive figurines made by Banpresto, which is one of the leading figure manufacturers

-Figures by Bandai: The company Bandai is one of the most famous Japanese toy manufacturers in the world. Bandai produces toys for adults and children. The company's products are sold in more than 120 countries. The company Bandai was founded in August 1950 by Takeo Shigemitsu. The company started with the production of toys for children. In the future, Bandai began to produce toys for adults. In the 60's Bandai made the first robot for adults. The robot was called "Robby". Bandai's first robot was a success. In the 70's Bandai began to produce a lot of models of robots and other models. In the 80's the company began to produce models of Japanese robots. In the 90's Bandai produces Gundam models.

Bandai is also best known for its popular “Power Rangers” franchise, which it introduced to the U.S. in 1993. It also created the “Digimon” franchise, “Dragon Ball Z,” “Saint Seiya” and the “Mobile Suit Gundam” anime. Most of those series helped establish anime in the U.S. They’ll now be joined by other classic shows such as “Ultraman,” “Grendizer” and “Brave Raideen.”

Best Places to Find Cool and Rare Action Figures Online

The first place to find these action figures is on amazon. Amazon offers a large selection of martial arts figurines, with the use of its search engine. The site also offers customers the ability to filter their search by category, brand, or price range. Amazon gives shoppers the option to review these action figures as well, so it's easy to find great options for both kids and adults alike.

There are countless sites on the internet where you can buy action figures. These sites offer different collections from various brands and with varying prices. There are also online stores that offer you customized action figures if you want something that is rare and cool.

Here are some of the best places to find cool and rare action figures online:

- Amazon - eBay - Aliexpress Websites is a platform that has an online collection of many of action figures, anime figures, and collectibles. It has a good collection of different brands and discounts on the products.

This is the right place to buy your favorite anime action figure because you will get it at an affordable price with great quality!

Can You Really Collect Action Figures Forever Without Spending a Fortune?

One of the best things about action figure collecting is that you can pick and choose which one to collect. You can choose to collect only Naruto action figures, for example. However, if you want to collect all of these anime series, it might become a little more expensive - but it will be worth it!

You have the opportunity to own a collection that is unique in its own way. When you start your collection, every time you find an action figure from your favorite series, it will give you an adrenaline rush! And that feeling never gets old!

I am a collector. Of action figures. I cannot stop buying anime, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z Action Figures. I think the answer to this question is when your budget speaks louder than your heart then you should stop collecting action figures.

That is why I have chosen not to buy anymore and instead focus on other hobbies like my painting or my guitar because they are more affordable than funny-looking anime figures and are less stressful too!

Every collector has a different opinion on when to retire from collecting. There are some collectors that are only happy once they have an entire set of figures and then there are others who enjoy the hunt for the figures as much as the actual collection itself.

The first thing to remember about collecting action figures is that it is not supposed to be about money. It is about having fun and finding joy in the process, not in what you can get out of it.

If you want to break into the world of action figure collecting, the best thing you can do is go for what interests you most and don't worry too much about whether it will increase in value over time or whether it will be worth a lot one day.

Whether you are a collector or just like the show, anime merchandise is pretty much everywhere these days. Unfortunately, if it’s not something that you see in your store, then you need to be prepared to pay for it. That’s because anime action figures can be pretty expensive.

So is it possible to collect all of them without spending a fortune? There are some rules and limitations as we explore below:

- The more time you spend collecting the lower the price will be

- You can buy them at garage sales and secondhand stores

- Avoid impulse buying - know what you want before you start looking

There is a whole world of online shopping out there, but one rule to save money before buying an anime action figure is to avoid dropshipping stores which will take 3-4 weeks to reach home and people would charge you tons of money for even such long time, that's where jumps in. offers the lowest prices on all of your favorite anime action figures and toys, including dragon ball z action figures and Naruto action figures. Plus, you have the lowest flat shipping fee of 150 PKR on any amount of order.

Conclusion: Why should you Start Your Own Collection of Awesome Toys Including Action Figures Today!

Collecting action figures can be a hobby for all ages. Some people collect them for nostalgia, some collect them because they are beautiful art pieces, some collect them because they are worth money.

But more importantly, collecting action figures has been shown to improve mental health. Action figure collectors have higher self-esteem, lower rates of depression and anxiety, and improved quality of life.

So why should you start your own collection of awesome toys today? First of all, it's fun to do! Second of all, it's rewarding and an amazing skill to have under your belt! Third of all it will make you feel better and have a higher self-esteem!

Best of luck to all collectors around the world and have a nice day!